What is the consideration before purchasing a portable projector?

To Purchase and set up a projector For a home system or presentation might be challenging. Below are some pointers that could act as a guide that is great to check into.

Ambient Light

Light In the can wash out the image of the projection. A projector’s brightness is measured so do check the lumens. Brighter ambient lights would mean requiring higher brightness, which translates to lumens needed.

Powered by battery

Projectors Consume plenty of energy; nonetheless with the progress in technology projectors are becoming more efficient. It may be powered by a battery for hours. There could be a trade-off not forgetting the variable.

Mounting your projectorportable projector

Most Projectors can be exhibited side up, when deciding the position, allowing for flexibility. Another point is to make sure that the projection is not easily obstructed.


In The past, there are choices, obtaining a projector demands cost of about a $1,000. Nowadays, it is getting cheaper, with bigger varieties of brands and model, ranging from as cheap as US $40.00 it is easily purchased online. Projectors have become affordable and more accessible.

Projector screen

Although There is a projector portable projector singapore you will have to take into account the surface. You might consider using a part of your wall for this purpose. As you do not have any worries about cloth this is a fantastic alternative. But of course, that does not deter you from obtaining a projector display such as displays composed of matte vinyl cloth or pull-down displays etc.

Lamp replacement

Maintenance Price from replacement of projector bulbs is one of the considerations. These bulbs do not last long, as it requires capacity to project graphics. One thing is this bulb/lamp’s life expectancy. It may last for 2000 hours. So, You have a guide on what you will need to take into account before purchasing a projector. When investing in a projector do keep in mind of the; it could be an object of jealousy amongst your circle.